All Set For Explosive Hip Hop Summer Party

Three of Harare’s top emcees, Tehn Diamond, Junior Brown and Synik will hold a collaborative live show titled, “Hip Hop Summer: The Biggest Summer Party” at the city’s premier arts hangout, Book Cafe, on Saturday night.

The show – a first of its kind – is expected to be full of fireworks as the three trailblazing musicians will showcase their verbal and musical prowess.

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The show is also set to feature the energetic crowd-pleaser BaShupi, top Zimbabwean hip-hop producer DJ Take Five and internationally renowned DJ Smoove who are all expected to add cream to the show.

“This is going to be a groundbreaking show – the emcees involved are at the centre of the beginning of a hip hop movemement in Zimbabwe. These are the one’s set to put Zimbabwean hip-hop on the international map,” said Tsungi Zvobgo, Managing Director of New Sofala Entertainment which conceptualised and is promoting the show.

Zvobgo said the show is aimed at putting hip hop music in the mainstream performance circuit. For long, hip hop has been regarded as a foreign import but a strong local identity and attitude forming within the genre, complemented by live musical instrumentation is emerging to much acclaim.

“Hip hop has not been getting the space or attention it deserves on the mainstream performance circuit. So this Saturday at Book Cafe is intended to take everything to a whole new level,” she said.

She added that the three artists have been getting major international attention. Junior Brown’s “MaDrinks”, Tehn Diamond’s “Happy” produced by Take 5 and Synik’s critically acclaimed debut album “Syn City”, produced by Begotten Sun are getting impressive airplay in different parts of the world.

“Happy” and “MaDrinks” were debuted in the United Kingdom on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 1-Extra Show hosted by highly renowned DJ Edu. The artists have also been listed as “one’s to watch out for” on the African hip hop circuit.

“These guys are coming into the mainstream. In Zimbabwe, their albums have been doing amazingly well on the music charts, so they have all got smash hits which have currently been adopted by a fast growing number of fans as summer bangers,” said Zvobgo.

Zimbabweans in the diaspora have been picking up on the music that the three emcees have been dishing out.

“These guys are on fire and this Saturday is set to show just that.
It’s about time that they are seen and represented not only on Zimbabwe’s music scene but internationally,” said Zvobgo.


Chief K.Masimba is a children’s writer, poet, playwright, social activist, journalist and online publisher.His first self-published book, The Dream Of Stones, was awarded the Zimbabwe National Award for Outstanding Children’s Book for 2004. You can reach him at:

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