Of Selmor Mtukudzi And That Outburst About Her Dad

From what we read from a blog the other day, Selmor Mtukudzi is a bitter young lady.

She has been living in the shadow of the 12th most powerful celebrity in Africa, Oliver Mtukudzi, a man who also happens to be her dad.

In a conversation published on the blog Intimacy with Zim musicians Selmor’s conversations with Wonder Guchu are expressed publicly in a manner so candid it is both sad and shocking.

In it Selmor talks of how she feels she gets no support from her dad, with both Wonder and her putting the blame squarely at the door of Daisy, Tuku’s wife. Selmor also has a go at the media who she accuses of not telling the truth about her dad really treats her.

Now, this will come as a bit of a shocker to people but in reality, some of the things being talked about here are not really public interest are they. Selmor says she wants an expose of sorts made on her dad to what end? Sure there may be real issues within the family –  as all families do –  but one doesn’t go to sell the family secrets in order to get things solved. Should she really be asking the media to fight her war? Does this not put her in danger of being alienated even more, if she is being set aside in the first place?

We are not sure that airing things out in public in that manner will help things along much. Perhaps it is just a child crying for attention but culturally it fails on so many points.

It may look cool to come across like a problem child in the west, but pachivanhu hatidaro.

This we can say, is not a good move. She may not be fully aware of what she is getting into but what happens next will decide whether what she said was simply brave, stupid or simply ill-advised.

  • Matsika

    Pachivanhu tinochengeta vana vedu nekuvapa mikana yakafanana!