SA-Based Model Slams Nox Over MTV Awards Rant

Zimbabweans singer Nox has come on the end of some brutal assessment of a rant by South Africa-based model Oliver Keith.

Enock 'Nox' Guni

Enock ‘Nox’ Guni

Nox went on a bit of a rant this week about the lack of Zimbabwean artists at the MTV Africa Music Awards and pretty much blamed people for imposing music on people (essentially saying Zim dancehall is imposed and is the reason why the music industry in Zimbabwe is not forward.)

Oliver Keith

Oliver Keith

Seems as if Oliver is not impressed. Here are is his words:

Dear Noxy Guni

It is with great displeasure and utter disgust that I write to you. I am gravely concerned about your behavioural patterns on Social Media. I am not sure what personality deficiency causes you to behave in that manner, but whatever it is, it has intoxicated your brain and it’s very unattractive.

To begin with, next time you decide to throw a tantrum in the form of writing, please make sure you read through your post first, or better off get one of those girls on your videos to proof read for you. For someone who has never stepped foot in the United Kingdom to open his orifice and lambast those that have been there on the virtue of merit, furthermore, going on to say ‘the UK Zimbabwean crowds will scream at anything because they miss Harare’ is a clear indication that you are a bitter soul.

Mr Guni, you are in no position to utter such statements as a singer, note how I address you as a singer not a musician, and I address you a singer on the virtue of having the ability to speak. Why? Because anyone who can speak, can sing. You will also note that I do not use profanity while addressing issues that you tried to raise, but because you lacked the capacity to research what the main issues causing Zimbabwean artists to be stagnant. Let me remind you that you once promised us (and am speaking as fan here) a collabo with Chris Brown. Do you recall the sentiments you shared with your fans that soon you shall do a song with Chris Brown? Well I guess not! But nonetheless, my point is you failed to articulate the challenges facing Zimbabwean musicians, the strategies that should be implemented, you failed to address issues such as Zimbabwean musicians cre-a-ting their own brand of music that appeals even to outsiders, thereby attracting broader listener-ship, the listener-ship that will cause even artists from all over the continent to want to partner with Zimbabwean artists. That’s what you should have addressed in your post, but instead you kept hurling insults and said the ‘f’ word more than a dozen times.

You see Noxy, in any profession, you have to learn from your travellers (travellers are basically people that have gone before you and done better), the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi, Leornard Zhakata, Aleck Macheso, Kudzai Sevenzo, Willis Watafi, Alexio Kawara, Audius Mtawarira et al (et al means and others.) These are the people you should be gathering and learning from, not discrediting their overseas trips. That was childish!

It’s such a cause for concern when all you air out is intoxicated foul mouthed language that doesn’t build the up-coming artists that look up to you. Surely as you claim that you have 15 years experience you should have at least learnt or heard about PR (Public Relations.) Perhaps I should remind you that you’re not American and you should leave Americans to do the whole ‘Fuck that shit ‘ lingo. They do it well, but you don’t! It’s not for you.

Should you decide to diss me in one of your tracks in the future, please feel free to exercise your constitutional right of freedom of expression. But while I am at it, let me also tell you that humble artists such as Alishias Musimbe, better known as Maskiri will be doing a track with Keisha White, and the song will be titled Africa, let that inspire you to dream big and implement hard work.

In conclusion, Mr Noxy, be careful how you conduct yourself in relation to the people you call your fans, especially to the young ones, you may be the only role model some will ever have.

Kind Regards,
Oliver Keith Siamuloboka

Oh well… And he called him Noxy…


  • Vachinyanya vapfana maSingers lol

  • Wackhead

    Lol this Keith guy is also bitter bra isnt he the guy who cried when he was not choosen for Big Brother ?

  • huregrace

    Well said mwana wevhu.Zvipi Nox hapana zviripo.Ukaona Mai Gamu vaanokwira ,ndopaunoona kuti Nox chimusoro bhangu chete.Nox is so jealousy of Tocky.Tocky abaya nenyika,ENDE HAUKWANE PANA TOCKY.

  • CM

    Haha – but where is the original “Noxy” rant? Hatisikunyatso nzwisisa kuti nyaya yacho yatangirepi …

  • ndini zvangu

    Nox has every right to say his piece the same way you do. You are resorting to name calling simply because you do not agree with him? Shame on you too. And furthermore to be insulting saying he should proof read or get one of his girls to do so is childish considering your own rant has gramatical errors as well. Speaking or writing perfect English is not a sign of anything other than you have studied a language and not doing so does not change ones point or show lack of intellect

  • concie

    sorry to all parties involved shuwa so why were the zim musicians not at the awards nhai?

  • Munondo

    This letter does more damage to the possible solution to the problems dogging the Zim music state of affairs than the rant that has been shown by the said musician. Surely why are people so blind to see that this Nox guy did this out of frustration and has actually shown a sign for the love of Zim artist doing well.

  • Nodumo

    Did Nox respond to this?