Roki’s Ex-Wives Now Living Under One Roof

Urban grooves star Rockford “Roki” Josphats’s two ex-wives Melody Musekiwa and Pauline Gundidza have been housed under the same roof by the Big Brother Stargame housemate.

Roki confirmed the move saying it was meant to cut costs.

The two women perform in his group, Pauline as a backup singer and Melody as a dancer. We revealed last week that, Roki had broken up with Melody.

Roki himself does not stay with his women but says that he will take full responsibility for his family and take care of day-to-day expenses adding that he done with bringing children into this world.

A lot can be said about the bad boy of Zimbabwean music but if he is taking care of his business then that is a good thing. One can knock him for how he has come to this position but noone can spit on his efforts to do right by the women.

Being two women whose seeds come from the same root can be a bit interesting. We wonder how the conversations in there are like. Someone would claim to have been better at something than the other at some point.

Or maybe there are just better human beings than that.

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