On Roki’s Big Brother Interview

So Zimbabwean music star Roki finally entered the “Big Brother Star Game” House.

For a moment it would appear as if Roki and the interviewer were not exactly getting alone. Asked what his game plan of winning was, Roki said he would “break-dance” and did a little dance to which the interview said it looked like ballet. Roki then refered to what he done as a “swirl” the interviewer then said-

“for a moment you looked all gangster there, but then you lost it…”

The interviewer had called him a “controversial character”, “who’s outspoken and likes to challenge the government and the people”. The interviewer even responded to Roki’s initial mumbling response by saying “it looks like you have knocked down a few” insinuating that Roki had drank a few alcoholic beverages before the entry ceremony.

Roki was indeed behaving like he was a bit tipsy, but Roki is not one to shy away from any controversy.However once in the house he appeared rather subdued if not downright bored.

People’s response to Roki’s first few hours have been mixed. We shall keep you updated on the goings on in the house if we have the patience to watch it.

Watch Roki’s interview below and tell us what you think-

If you can’t watch the video on this site then click on this link

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