Roki And Maneta In First Joint Interview On Radio

Roki and Maneta appeared on Star FM on Monday, together for the first time since they were  disqualified from Big Brother Stargame.

The interview itself was not interestimg. We don’t think the right questions were asked but am sure the effect was good enough. Maneta was first on the interview and she said the stuff that you would say. Then Roki came in. They were civil to each other.

The key points were:

  • Roki says she is a nice girl.
  • She could have been more civil to Roki.
  • Maneta said she and Roki were cool. Then she apologised.
  • She did not respond when Tich Mataz said Roki had a thing for her. ‘
  • Roki apologised for not winning and he said he went onto the show to get onto the international radar.
  • Roki admitted that he had 5 children and he would not commit to whether he had a wife.

The interview itself was more symbolic than it was interesting.

Star FM is a new station which is owned by Zimpapers. It launched on Monday.