Roki-Maneta Fall-out; Urban Groover’s Fans Bay For Blood

Social media went into overdrive last night after the elimination of the two Big Brother representatives from Zimbabwe over what was termed as violent behavour.

Maneta and Roki had had an uneasy relationship in the house and it came to head yesterday when Maneta poured detergent in the urban groover’s face and into his eye. The two had had a tiff earlier in the day. When Maneta poured bleach in his face he then reacted, naturally, we suppose with a slap.

Now, what has been disappointing is the reaction of Roki’s legion of fans who say she should have received a beat-down from him –  someone even suggested stabbing. Others have called for fellow fans to go to the airport to beat up Maneta.

Look, we know the girl upset a few people and she may have done a few things out of turn. She was provoked and she behaved like a woman scorned. The fact of the matter is that she behaved in a way we think was natural. We know a lot of women like Maneta who will do thinks out of vengeance. You wanted reality TV and that was Maneta being real. Calling her out for being natural is a bit rich isn’t it.

Like what wordsnith Outspoken said:

the only difference between Maneta and most other women (not all, and its not about gender here!dudes too…) is that they put a camera for her to be analyzed by society.

What s the statute of limitation on what part Roki played in the whole matter? He goaded her, she responded. She poured detergent on him and he smacked her. Doesn’t look like much of an angel there if you ask us. Yes, she targeted him but we are responsible for our own actions.

An underlying factor is that this is the second time that violence has come up in the house. The real question should be:

How much violence between men and women is happening off-camera and remains unreported?

  • Guest

    The real question should be:

    How much violence against women is happening off-camera and remains unreported?

    Please don’t lose the focus of the situation and use that to bring the issue of men who abuse women. Violence is violence be it between 2 men , 2 women 2 Hermaphrodites..etc. There are situations where men beat up on vulnerable women (or other men or children) who may or may not be able to stand up for themselves -that is the talking point on “abuse”.

    When 2 “perceived” equals(Zainab &DKB-man vs man, man vs woman ..etc) square up and challenge each other- that is a fight. winner takes the spoils and glory , loser licks their wounds.

    Let us not make the mistake of mixing issues otherwise we open other cans of worms that are stewing in Pandora’s box- a mess.

    • We are just saying people should stop hitting each other. In this situation as usual, the woman is being judged worse than the man. And people say that is just how it is. But they should be both judged as idiots. They both messed up. They had issues with each oither and failed to deal with them. That is what happens in real life. And it is not one side’s fault.

      Fact is fights are happening between men and women and in Zimbabwe women are being killed. And we simply say “winner takes the spoils and glory , loser licks their wounds”

  • Mhlathi Obanzi

    i would have yanked out her weave and choked her with her scarf then made her drink the bleach while she moonwalked to a micheal jackson song.
    b-word costs me 300k you best believe im leaving that house LIKE A BOSSSSS.

    on another note i pity the fool who will marry maneta because YOH! that girl looks like she will patiently boil a drum of water by lighting one match stick after another just so she burns a man who even breathing wrong. that said, i bet the sex with her is AWESOME though. oh what to do…