Roki Leaves Wife, Baby

Urban Groover and Big Brother housemate Rockford “Roki” Josphats has a new ex after leaving his wife Melody Musekiwa.

The couple who had been together for two years and have a one-year old baby called Dawn.

Melody is said to have had enough of his bed-hopping and this has intensified since he came back from his ill-fated stay in the Big Brother house.

While Roki is known for his, well, err sowing wild oats, it seems as if he has taken it a bit too far, at least according to Melody. She says he has even gone onto do things with girls she knows in her presence.

Cop this. Now she has to keep dancing with  him because she has no other way of making an income to take care of herself and her baby.

Roki, though, says that there is nothing unusual about splitting and said that this was one of his least dramatic ones. He says Melody will be taken care off and there will be nothing odd about her working in the band. He also added that she would always be taken care of by him. However it is said Melody was looking for accommodation last week.

Wasn’t Melo the same one who said she would accept it if Roki ended up sleeping with somebody in the Big Brother house?

So if she could give him the green light to do it on continental TV then, well, err…

Life is hard.

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