Roki Featuring Diskord – Mativenga (VIDEO)

My favourite Zimbabwean animator and music video producer Enqore directed this highly creative video for Urban Grooves trailblazer Roki for the song Mativenga which is taken of his album Karmma.

The song features Mafriq’s Diskord and has some impressive special effects.

Check it out below.

  • Krudaka

    something is just very strange pa video iyi altho its some good piece of work.

  • Machaya

    taura zvako,zvoita kunge zvine hidden agenda

  • Krudaka

    make-up and that tree like looking horn

  • I reckon its absolutely AfroFuturistic, a play on the past and completely twisting paradigms, and it comes up as a real gem. It’s in a class of its own.

  • Kkumbula

    this is just a work of art gentleman but i received that video from someone else who happened to notice some loop holes on this video.
    A clear cut look will reveal a face of something like Chimhuka and y paint face yako as if u are now part of the secret service guys ,vaye vaye .

  • Tendaimasunda


  • Overall good video. I like it. I’ll crit along the timeline.

    The opening in the clouds is excellent. Right at the start I think I hear roki almost say Nehanda. This coupled with the well modeled tree (reminiscent of Nehanda’s tree) add to the context. The ancestral spirits appear to be lamenting the promiscuous behaviour of their descendant, Mativenga.

    The face paint/make up waspoorly applied and inappropriate as it doesn’t resemble any Zimbabwean culture.

    The smoke and particles are an excellent touch which gives the feel of being “lectured” by an elder while sitting at a bonfire.

    I get this orange line across my screen which I guess is either because of my codecs or a bad render. One or two of the panoramic shots have unbalanced colour/levels, but no one will notice (except me)

    there are some jerky transitions towards the end almost as if the work rate had become more rushed, and the final view of the Harare skyline doesn’t fit in with the rest of the video. eg compare the skyline shot with the opening shot.

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