Why Roki Comes Out Better From Big Brother

Much has been said about Roki and his behaviour on Big Brother Stargame. A lot of it is good and some of it not-so good.

Sift away through the mess with Maneta and everything that came with it. Yes, he took the Maneta test and failed it and that is life.

The fact of the matter is there are big positives that came from his experience. People accessed a different type of Roki, a person will real depth. Beyond the controversy back home is a deep thinker, a philosopher and the boy can sing too.

Roki’s brand grew with each day and lot of people all over Africa fell in love with the urban groover.

He has left Big Brother with a truckload of sympathy and he will now have to plan his next move properly. He is no longer just an artist in Zimbabwe but an artist from Zimbabwe. He now has the opportunity to be big where it matters. The platform to release his material is bigger and there will be a few people out there ready to hold his hand and lift him higher – and steal from him too.

Even when you factor in the Maneta bits, it is up to him to take the positives from it; and he can do that. We have seen that he is smart.

One huge plus is that he has been away from his demons for the past month or so. He hasn’t smoked mbanje or done any other drugs and spiritually he should come back in a different place. It is up to him to take advantage of that.

We think this is an epic moment for Roki and we are at the cusp of something special. Roki has just got to want it enough. If he wants it, he can get it.

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