Roki And Maneta Disqualified From Big Brother

As we suspected would happen, Zimbabwe’s remaining representatives on Big Brother, Roki and Maneta have been disqualified from Big Brother Star Game.

Maneta had poured detergent on Roki after the urban grooves singer had poured water on her. The two had had a fight earlier on in the day.

Big Brother strictly prohibits violence and Roki is disqualified because he provoked her.

This decision will come as a blow to Roki’s supporters and will win Maneta no fans. Unfazed Maneta simply rolled her eyes and said ‘whatever’ on being informed of her elimination.

Former Big Brother contestant Vimbai Mutinhiri bemoaned the fact that Roki and Maneta had failed to take advantage of the opportunity presented before them.

The fall-out should be interesting.

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