Rocqui Breaks My Heart

Rocqui is one of the most talented vocalists and performers of his generation. His vocal range is awesome, his performance on stage is top-notch and his versatility is impressive.

Yet he isn’t where he is supposed to be. Iconic as he may be in the industry he is supposed to be the poster child for a generation’s talent. Sadly he hasn’t lived up to the potential he obviously has. Various shenanigans and bad decision making has meant that we have been blessed with very little from Rocqui.

I sometimes wish I could sit him down for a week and get him focused; to get him thinking about the one thing that we seem to take for granted, a legacy. He needs to put in the right energy to deserve more than he is getting.

Just came across some underground stuff he is doing and I am like, this is what is supposed to be out there. This is what the public should be listening and kids coming up, aspiring to live up to.  This is what’s up.

Alas, but self-destructive behaviour tends to win more often than not.

Breaks my heart, I tell you. It does. And on the week of Amy Winehouse’s death it is a bit poignant isn’t it?