Mbira Maestro And Rising Star Taku Mafika Dies

One of Zimbabwe’s fastest-rising mbira maestros Taku Mafika has died.

Taku had been in hospital for the past fortnight after suffering from a stroke resulting from a clot in his brain. He was operated on last Friday but he was unable to fully recover from it.

Taku Mafika was an enticing and innovative Mbira player. Drawing inspiration from his deeply rich cultural upbringing, fusing his contemporary sound with Zimbabwe’s traditional vibes such as Mhande, Jit, Dinhe, Mbende and Katekure to create a unique texture of ethno-contemporary jazz music.
Taku was also a captivating music teacher in his own right.  Taku had often traveled to Europe to further his education as well giving performances in places like Germany,Austria,Italy,Switzerland and Poland.
“My aim is to positively influence the mindset of the African youth in a global world who is torn between tradition and modernity, I want to impact on social issues affecting us as Africans”, said Taku, who used his sound as a social mirror, through his musical commentary.

May his soul rest in peace.

Below is a video to one of his songs Love is Mostest/Rukuru Rudo

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