Rainbow Towers Food Fest Celebrity Cook-Offs

What is the first thought that comes to mind when names like Dudu Manhenga, Ammara Brown, Tehn Diamond, DJ Chucknosis, Ba Shupi or Patience Musa are mentioned. I bet cooking was the last thing on your minds. Well, that is exactly what they will be doing at The Rainbow Towers Food Fest which begins this Friday.


The interesting duels have been arranged as follows:

Dudu Manhenga vs DJ Chilli

The first cook-off will see jazz songstress, Dudu Manhenga going up against TV personality DJ Chilli. Will the charismatic DJ Chilli get the better of soulful Dudu?

Ba Shupi vs Tehn Diamond

Two musicians, two different genres of music, two entertaining individuals, one kitchen, one hour to cook-off. Tehn Diamond and Ba Shupi’s battle for kitchen dominance promises to be an exciting and very lively one.

Q vs Ammara Brown

Funny man Q, will definitely be relishing his chance to prove to his fans and songstress, Ammara Brown, that he has skills in the kitchen. In this battle of the genders, will Q use his comic wit to distract Ammara, or will Ammara use her fair skin and voice to distract him.

Courtney Rusike vs Tina Masiwa

Courtney and Tina aren’t strangers to each other, having already shared the stage a number of times. but this won’t come in the way of bragging rights at who is the better cook.

DJ Chucknosis vs DJ Dean

A ‘Battle of the DJs”, but not in the setting you would expect it to be. We have DJ Dean with over 20 years of experience in the industry up against the hard-hitting DJ Chucknosis.

Lochnation vs Patience Musa

And what better way to wrap up the Celebrity Cook-Offs than to have the two beautiful radio personalities, Lochnation and Patience Musa heating things up in the kitchen.

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