R17 Million For Beyonce?

As South Africa’s Sport and Recreation Department categorically denied signing a contracted based on the fee quoted for Beyonce, we wondered why there was the hullabaloo.

It turns out that Beyonce wants a whooping 17 million rands (about 2 million United States dollars) to perform at the sports awards later this year. No, there is no dot between 1 and 7. That really is 17.

The department says it simply asked for people to provide proposals. A company suggested they could make it happen and the department had no qualms of Beyonce could make it.

It would be slightly obscene if anyone paid that much money for an awards dinner given the problems the country is going through. It would make more sense if said company would raise money to deal with service provision.

But then again, why should they? Beyonce is obviously more glamorous a project than a toilet in rural KZN.

A rumour also had it that some Zimbabweans might want to bring her over. USD2 million? Really?

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