Quick Video Thoughts: Kazz ft Bailey Browne – Remedy

From Masvingo to the rest of the world, is what Kazz’s manta seems to be.

In his new video for his track, Remedy, featuring the talented Bailey Browne, the video does something that most fail to do.

Stay in pretty much one setting and remain interesting.

It is set up in the club with the prerequisite paraphernalia ie women, drinks, dancing.

Curious things such as the use of lighting, colour and interesting characters among them a woman who mouths along to the song’s chorus and key points amuses one.

It is a tried and tested formula and when tastefully done, makes for interesting viewing.

It Kazz’s first video of 2018 dropping on the first of January and he looks like he is maintaining strength.

And most importantly, there is no drone 🙂

Watch Remedy by Kazz and Bailey Browne below and tell us what you think:

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