QUICK SONG REVIEW: Tru North – Life Thing

One of the promising female rappers you need to be constantly checking this year.

Most often we find the world of pop music unfailingly hilarious and as arenas full of all sorts doing ridiculous things. Hip hop and rap has now become a celebration of the high life where rappers flaunt or front. For the most it has departed from it’s essence where it used to be a platform for airing serious concerns and sharing pearls of wisdom. But, because we fell for it’s sense and not cents in the first place, every time an artist drops some knowledge on the mic, we’re tempted to appraise it.A nd in this case budding wordsmith Tru North gives us that on Life Thing.

The song is about the changes that happen in people’s lives and how it sometimes relates to or impacts on words and actions,  especially the not so good ones. For an artist so sophisticated,  she has a relative simple message: the words we say or the things we do to each other are far-reaching and easily remembered,  especially if they cause harm and pain emotionally or physically.

The song showcases North’s soothing vocals ,versatile flows and devious penmanship over wavy production from the legendary FTR. The record is transfixing and utterly compelling. While weighty, it remains accessible enough to breach the mainstream whilst satisfying the more serious hip hop listeners too.

A must listen track.