Quick Song Review: Tiara Baluti ft Tkae Chidz & DJ Towers – Mush It Up

We are impressed by the way Tiara Baluti switches between English and Shona so seemlessly.

On Mush It Up she owns more of the song than what was expected. The drum, bass and synth production will get heads bopping or old dudes thinking they can still Dougie.

It’s another self and collaborator’s repository stunt where all the talk is about vicious claims and states of self-preservation, understanding of the game in one’s own development.

I am probably the greatest, though highly debated, I’m still vindicated.

There are references to Twitter debates and fights Tiara has been party to. Unscramble them and you will get what we are talking about.

Take Chidz and DJ Towers are peripheral, but complementary.

Perhaps we wanted the beat to do a bit more, have other things happening with it. That other thing, you know, that thing.

Listen to Mush It Up by Tiara Baluti featuring Tkae Chidz and DJ Towers and tell us what you think:

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