QUICK SONG REVIEW: TheDot – Magaya Money

A certain  Bulawayo rapper has surfaced with a new single titled Magaya Money.

His name is TheDot and and according to him the tittle of the song has nothing to do with the flourishing PHD Ministries prophet Wale. Rather it is a double metaphor. In shona it means thinking about money, and in
isiNdebele it refers to someone who gives money.

Well, it is a brilliant wordplay, but it is kinda naive too, bearing in mind that the same type of a blunder landed American rapper Busta Rhymes in trouble after naming his song Arab Money. However the case is different here, because while  Busta actually rapped about Arabic money more explicitly, TheDot doesn’t. After all it’s all money, whether it’s Shmoney,Young Money, Cash Money, Maywhether Money, or Magaya Money.

Anyway, the song features a swaggering electronically soaked production from Oskido, a man behind hits such as Disappear and Vanondibatirana. The pulsating synths and the flurry drums blends together so colourfully landing Magaya Money a superlative sound sequence  that’s both grand and praiseworthy.His flow is a little swift and his rhymes are peerlessly solid, like when he rap,

Putting in work to dominate the summer/In five years I might go cut my momma a hammer /Tazoita Cash from these records Shout out to Stunner.

Ultimately, its one of those songs you want to listen to when you’re either down or up financially. It is enjoyable and has a replay value, and that  gives it a possible hit status.

Listen to the track here:

Your feedback on this one is especially important mobsters.