QUICK SONG REVIEW: Thabbz feat Guluva Se7en – Amasixteen

Thabbz fresh off the release of his sensual Valentine song Sanctuary, returns with another one, a GuluvaSe7en assisted Amasixteen.

The hard-hitting, bass-heavy record finds the two Kasi/ghetto bred MCees flexing their rapping prowess in their native tongues. Packed with frantic lyrical brilliance and a dash of wordsmith wickedness, Thabbz and Guluva prove that they’re the perfect duo to execute a fun, high-stake joint cut in sixteen bars each.

Their hook said it all;

Ngoba thina phela’s dume ngama16, ‘s dume ngama16 /Nxa hayi hayi hayi vele kuyafila

It’s a simple song, but if there is any pair that’s going to turn that into a winning formula, it’s these two.

Props to the Harare-based Kronik Boi for providing an incredibly ferocious badass  production. The playful chemistry and the booming sound is attention-grabbing. It’s a track that have  well-matched energies.

Listen below: