QUICK SONG REVIEW: Taps The Bourbon feat Trysongs & T-Wayne – Roadrunner

Because of the internet, keeping up with the abundance of rap music online coming out of Zimbabwe can be as daunting as it is gratifying.

There are unsung heroes in all eras of history. The information blitz from mass marketing can overwhelm online users and overshadow the music under the surface.

The later part can illustrates Roadrunner best.

Long gone are the days of real mcees reigning as they have been superseded by less meditative rappers.However, Taps, Trysongs and T-Wayne stuffed their new joint with enough fixing to make us reminisce. Its a hustler’s anthem that finds the two rappers sharing their daily street dealings in crazy comparisons and seamless lyricism. T-Wayne provided the patois-flavoured hook that’s both catchy and meaningful.

Do you think it has what it takes to be a classic? Share with us.