The young, beautiful and talented songstress Tamy makes a major return with a new song about heartbreak.

Produced by J.P’s own Chiweddah, it paints the picture of a heartbroken and manipulated girl disillusioned and emotionally spent by a coldblooded guy. Never one to shy away from his poser tendencies, he’s yet again asking for another chance. Now having realised how unworthy he is of her love and forgiveness,she is walking away, providing a sensitive explanation of why she cannot stay. The emotional upheaval seems to fit her and people who have been there can identify.

It’s not as danceable as most of her songs, but it is touchy. Also it is empowering to see young women declaring their freedom from relationships where they are treated as dolls or second class citizens. The use of IsiNdebele and English interchangeably made us believe that she can adapt to any language and still sounds amazing.

And she sounds like she is growing, vulnerable as Britney Spears said… not a girl, not yet a woman.

Listen to it below:

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