QUICK SONG REVIEW: T1 Wema1 feat Gze & Goldfinga – Ndine Boys

T1 Wema1 has been on a roll with the features from working with Guluva Se7en on Mhanya to Mile on Maporcher. Now he’s issued another expansive new Ndine Boys, featuring Gze and dancehall chanter Goldfinga.

In Ndine Boys the trio did a remarkable job of demonstrating that they are indisputably the masters of the awesome effect. It’s a blissful party anthem that hails the artists’ inside cliques for staying true ,before and after the grind had paid off. The thumping trapsoul accompaniment and the vernacularĀ  dialects that roots from the street of Harare isĀ  irresistible. For a song that pretty much talks about the life of a hustle, party and street realism, having Gze on it was a brilliant idea. Not that no one can do it better than him,but that no one can do it the way he does it.

Every truly great artist has their own masterpiece, that self-contains piece of perfection that sets them apart from the also-rans, and Ndine Boys is undoubtedly the trio’s, among others.

Stream it below: