QUICK SONG REVIEW: T.ShoC – Mujaho Twenty Four

Some releases are so incredible we just can’t help but exclaim EUREKA!

While many of our picks here defy categorization and explore the constructed boundaries between ‘music’ and ‘noise,’ others complement, continue, or rupture traditions that provide new forms and ways of listening. Not all of our favorites will be reviewed  here, but we think each EUREKA! single is worthy of careful consideration.

And one such is T.Shoc’s latest single Mujaho Twenty Four.

The single showcases the rapper’s dizzying and dazzling display of rhymes and his incredible ability to sing. His glittering vocals are accompanied by an original Zimbabwean beat, the same sound that was rife on Sharky’s Soko Matemai album – alternative folk rap. Let it be noted that we’re not saying he’s imitating.

Whatever he’s talking about, the song is well-crafted and danceable. One can only speculate when T.Shoc will cross over into rap mainstream acceptance. What he has done is the stuff of genius. In this case the Diary of A Mad Black Emcee rapper is.

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