QUICK SONG REVIEW: Sylent Nqo ft Young DLC – Be My Girl

Can the  hours spent labouring in the studio these days still produce tunes that crackle with energy? Can a guitarist like Sylent Nqo retain his sonic  arpeggio guitar picking but deliver songs that thrive on groove and emotion?

Be My Girl seems to suggest the answer is yes.

The title of the song is exactly what one can expect from the record -a love proposition by a hopeless romantic dude. Hopeless he might be, but he’s funny and light-hearted, an enchanting  combination I believe a smart girl would fall for. His lower and falsetto vocal  register coupled with Young DLC’s expertise, creates great alchemy -soothing soulful vocals over a sexy house beat exceptionally produced.

With this song Sylent Nqo has set a benchmark for all aspiring musicians of this genre.We predict another hit from the guitar Sangoma and he’s going places.

Listen to it below