QUICK SONG REVIEW: Stunner ft Sean Focus – Did It On My Own

After an exhausting month of close  speculation by the public, the Tazzoita Cash boss is back with an explosively assertive and blitzkrieg  single .

Stunner ft Ngonie - Taunganidza Vanhu PIC: Screengrab


It is not your average Stunner song.It seems like a  public statement to the gold-digging allegations  that discredited him as a breadwinner following the marriage scandal last month.

With the help of one Sean Focus, the self-made boss reminds listeners of his lyrical depth over blissful scores and turn up slap of drums beatsmithed by Imvaize. Very few are quick to give Stunner his props for creating an empire that boasts the biggest hip hop brand in Zimbabwe. It’s fine, but best believe, if he keeps working and releasing banging products like this one, everyone will eventually get hooked or catch a contact, at least.

As an artistic collaboration it works. Great hip hop production can do a lot of things but it doesn’t always evoke rappers to bring out bars, especially trap rappers. However ,Stunner seems to disagree with that notion. Every bar he dropped on this one unlocked some kind of bizarre rap achievement that succeed in provoking rational thoughts.

Nevertheless,  trap music has become way too easy to parody and emulate. A lot of rappers are now capitalizing off this rap’s latest trend. Telling if someone is being original or not is now very dicey. In that respect, can we say Did It On My Own is a self-determined song driven by a real life story  or it’s just one of those tracks that effortlessly mimicks the colorful flows of trap?

Listen to the song and tell us what you think.

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