QUICK SONG REVIEW: Sisiyanti – All About My Gwop

South Africa based diva Sisiyanti makes a return with a new song called All About My Gwop.


For the uninitiated gwop refers to money.

She has been working hard in the studio putting her debut album New Beginnings together. While it can’t be said for sure whether this track will get her the gwop it deserves its slot in whatever that album will sound like.

Sisiyanti has developed an urban sound with delicate touches of retro and this is clear in this song. It has a funk without flexing too far back to feel like at an attempt at nostalgic excesses

The subject matter – hustle and independence –  is something she sings a lot about and she does not stray away from in this jaunt.

Listen to the track below and download it for free. Do tell us what you think of it in the comments below: