QUICK SONG REVIEW: Shiddoh Brown ft Take Fizzo – Paghetto

Shiddoh Brown’s new drowsily romantic and soundingly raw single featuring Take Fizzo may well deserve a round of applause.

The two have made a seriously artistic statement about a special kind of  “ghetto love” ,if ever there is such a thing. Titled Paghetto , the song has Shiddoh sharing a lengthy, epic love story, (half romantic drama), stylishly meditative. Without missing the plot, it broadly progresses from rouse admiration of a certain lady into total seduction. From what we’re told, the lovie-dovies does all the weird things seldom couples can barely do.

They (rappers) could both be sounding drowsy ,but their synergy is undeniable.It worked out beautifully and for anyone who enjoys Fizzo’s sonic thrills, this is a treat.The accompaniment sounds expensive and he constructs it masterfully, mercilessly twisting a single riff from umpteen angle and pummeling the listener into submission.

Its not so flashy sound-wise but trust us, it taste good.It’s releases like this one that will definitely elevate Shiddoh to previously unforeseen heights.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen below and share your thoughts in the comments.