QUICK SONG REVIEW: Royal DJs ft Simba Tagz – Sound System

After a break the music reviews are back and back for a while.

Simba Tagz teams up with Royal DJs (Juice the Strongest DJ and DJ AM).

The two Pabloz VIP Club spinners chose a powerhouse to enter the world of music and Simba Tagz gives this song a lot of life.

Summer is here and you know the Harare revelers will be bopping to this (assuming the DJs in other spaces do not decide they can’t touch it because it belongs to a rival DJ. We see you).

You really don’t have to know what most of it says because it has the vogue urban African sound about it, meaning mixed Tekno or one of those it works.

It is a song for a purpose. Just dance.

Listen to it below because, well make up your own mind about it.