QUICK SONG REVIEW: Reverb7 and Jazz Prosper – Kabhebhi Bho

Zimbabwe’s top house producer Reverb7 is out with a new track called Kabhebhi Bho.

On it he has Jazz Prosper for what is really a vogue sound, with Sylent’s haunting guitar work prominent in this jaunt.

It is a song that slips into you the moment it plays and it is easy to love it.

In terms of production it is basically safe, as in the sound is what you will expect from the current trends but it is clean production showing the growing repertoire of the super producer who also has Youngnash on this excursion. It’s strong afro-pop influence will make it an easy option for many.

It is a good listen. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to it below and leave your thoughts in the comments: