QUICK SONG REVIEW: Probeatz – Yohwe Maihwe

Award-winning beatboxer Probeatz has teamed up with producer Verseless for his debut music effort, Yohwe Maihwe. Released officially on his facebook account, it has already garnered many views and responses from the platform users.

The song stacks plenty of wild similes and punchlines.

Yall’s making nonsense kunge Xndr asina bhachi /Makuenderera mberi kunge ref asina watch/Hamuna kana help kunge phone yakafa touch…

Verseless definitely laid a perfect groundwork for this style on his beat. It’s a little dubstep with a tense synths and an earthquake bass.

Nothing seems forced, but it’s not for the faint-heated either. It is a blast and Pro’s skewed perspectives allowed him to boil down the universe with an endless supply of wtf punchlines while keeping names like Xndr and Pastor G in the flow. What he specializes in are bars that hit you one-and-a-half seconds after they are delivered, but seem so obvious that you can smile and almost groan at the same time.

This is a four-star debut and we can profess a capital success ahead of him if he pursues it. The most profound thing about this record other than its production is that even in his first Pro was able to take it furtherĀ  from the standard of intelligent lyricism.

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