QUICK SONG REVIEW: Mr.Hingis – Hapana Bhaki

The story of Shingai Jangara will be one of a lyrically potent emcee who, however, never hit the right notes of mainstream hip hop.

After nearly a decade in the game ,he made it clear he’d rather let his music speak louder than his actions -even when those actions include working with Urban Grooves pioneer Delani Makhalima and assisting developing artists. Now when it appeared that another year would come and go without any new music from the thought-provoking emcee, he dropped.

Titled Hapana Bhaki, the new song touches on many of the societal ills found in Zimbabwe news right now. His vocal command is still stunning, that rough-hewn flexibility in his voice putting across intensity and vulnerability at the same time.

Even so ,the song doesn’t sound like his greatest work to date. It sounds like a freestyled record. Perhaps he did freestyle it, or maybe that’s how he’s constructing his content right now to catch up with the new age raps.

That said, the song is at least enough to keep the rapper’s name in the ongoing rap conversation.