QUICK SONG REVIEW: Mcpotar – Definitely African

Rapper-slash-poet Mcpotar is back with his new song Definitely African.

It’s dedicated to all the African states experiencing wars, injustices and turmoil and it has the rapper assuring them that it will be fine someday. Armed with knowledge, bars and chauvinism, it is an assault at the third world countries who misrepresent African. He advocates for Africans to tell their own story from their perspective as evidenced by his references to the words of Larry Kwirirayi #WeSpeakAfrican.

On the second verse heĀ  castigate political obfuscation in Africa, calling the whole process a “dirty game.”

All in all, it’s a highly thought-provoking song for the seriously deep thinkers, cool motorway cruisers and professional Sunday loafers. The mainstream might utterly underrate it however, but the close knit hip-hop connoisseur and the African community without genre reservations will definitely appreciate it.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to it below: