QUICK SONG REVIEW: Jam Signal feat Peekay -Chikopokopo

Two of the most celebrated and unique pop music outfits of our time,  Jam Signal and Peekay got together to bring us their new single Chikopokopo.

Thumbs up to the alternative boy band for bringing to us the King of the summer we’ve missed muchly back to life. Welcome back Pee.

Back to the crux.  the song takes it’s tittle from our vernacular Shona name for a helicopter. In the song the outfit is celebrating how they triumph through troubles, setbacks and hindrances,  through their God-form a helicopter.

Structurally,  the song is so easy to familiarize with and open-minded listeners will find this a fascinating and rich listening experience. The fused up-tempo afrobeat will make revelers at any joyful gathering lose themselves. And let’s not forget those moving vocal registers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Peekay might not be as hot as he was two years ago, but he’s not out of that touch. His simple but punchy penmanship still resonates. In this song he is proving his naysayers wrong for labeling a rap gimmick.

Set to please listeners with a keen ear for quality, the song is well put together with a broad appeal. Worthwhile.

Listen to it below and tell us what you think of it: