QUICK SONG REVIEW: Hillzy – Muroora

While he’s still recuperating from his paranoia ,changes and Bhachura, rapper/singer Hillzy is not certain if he could ever  be so hopelessly in love again.

However, all his doubts are changed into hope when he meets this traditional girl who makes him think some type of way: like she is the one.

Muroora is a trapsoul song, a subgenre of rap music that fuses melody and emotional rapping with the 808 vibe. Some call it it emo-trap, however  ,it’s all the same as both point to a certain sound that’s borrows heavily from rnb and hip hop. In the song Hillzy both croons and raps melodiously, convincing himself that he should pursue his feelings for this girl. You remember Chris Rock’s movie I Think I Love My Wife? This song is somewhere in that line -a naive admission of reality.

The track eschews high-energy, club friendly beats in favour of a slow-burning, faucet drop, a Mr Masinh production that always threatens to explode but maintains it’s even keel. Hillzy is probably one of the greatest masters of construction among Zimbabweans artists .This song is a must listen even with its macho pride battles and struggles.

Listen to it below: