QUICK SONG REVIEW: Elli-ot – Zvakadaro

The Harare-based young RnB smoothie from Varaidzo’s 2016 hit Wangu has finally found his own foothold in urban music.

His newly released song Zvakadaro, is a suave, proficient rhythm and blues product with a static drum pattern that keeps it on the upbeat side. A beautiful ballad itself, it’s a limpid tale of how amazed the singer is at the way his girl loves him, even in the face of sheer peer pressure telling her not to. We hear more of Elli-ot’s softer side with this track as he channels his appreciation to this unconditionally loving sweet thing (pun intended ).

But in his effort to steer clear of the pop masses, the newbie soloist did not do much to overly impress stern critics. The bizzzare vocal shifts in the second verse and the usage of generally impish content did much to make a great track less interesting. In the long run, it feels like Elli-ot and his production crew are scrounging around a possible hit, with a saccharine pop beat but raw emotion. Success’s production ups the ante, but even at its best, Zvakadaro barely flickers.

Inasmuch as we love to challenge it, it’s not a terrible record for a burgeoning singer, but we are quite certain that he is capable of exceeding this.

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