QUICK SONG REVIEW: Chris James – Sucka Punch

Ahead the release of his mixtape, singer/rapper Chris James releases his most jabbing single Sucka Punch.

84/365 - Headphones
chrisjtaylor.ca via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

The song is bouncy, club ready and thrives on a slow vibe and  melody. Chris is still developing as an artist but he couldn’t sit idle with his newfound fame and not speak on the things that matter to him. Through references to what he has observed in his life, Chris delivers two  mellow verses th and is backed up by colourful adlibs.The provocative Sucka Punch is all you need to be convinced that the rapper is taking his emceeing seriously these days.

It’s not classic stuff, but it is a proof that the rapper still got whatever it is that has made him an enduring part of the culture  and if anything, this record finally frees him to go whatever direction he chooses in the future.He can impersonates any face or pursue any sound and still emerges a winner.