QUICK SONG REVIEW: Buffalo Souljah – F Like You Dance

Buffalo Soulja is certainly no stranger to controversy. In 2014 the South Africa-based Zimbabwean dancehall sensation came under fire following the release of his steamy video Soja Riripo starring Maneta.

The video showed Buffalo in intimate lovemaking scenes with the BBA StarGame representative in her undergarments.This disgruntled many conservatives who thought it was overtly indecorous.

Then there were beefs here and there after that.

Now, as if all that bad publicity was not enough, the multi-award winning is back with a new song that will definitely leaves tongues wagging again. Entitled Fuk Like You Dance, the song has the chanter  delivering his usual  sexually explicit lyrics over a poppy, synth-driven rhythm with arpeggiators and panning effects provided by gTbeats. The song features another one Many Me, who at this time we cannot quite identify. But the combination of a familiar melody, a compelling bass and Souljah’s inexhaustible talent makes this song an infectious cut.His voice blends with the desiccated loop and it transforms the track into a mass of raw libidinal energy. The overall production is solid rock  and if you love partying and that reggaetton vibe? This could be your soundtrack.

However, due to its intense ribaldry, the song is probably less likely to take off with the mainstream dancehall market. It challenges the norms of many African societies where the f-word is a taboo and for that reason we can not guarantee a hit status, at least for now. It could go viral though…

You can always share with us your thoughts and feel free to engage. Is this a hit or a miss?

Listen below: