QUICK SONG REVIEW: Brythreesixty – Mail

Brythreesixty is back with an explosively assertive and celebratory single called Mail, a cornerstone on confidence, relative exertion and the admirable act of hustling in one’s career.

The new song, released this week, is an ode to ambitious hard work and is as clean as it is catchy, as well as lyrically proficient in spreading the street gospel. The rapper might be ridiculously funny (or naive) and gives many netizens the most delicious troll feed, but when he is working he means it.

He raps:

Man I’m from Chitown they just know me nekupanda bag/
Like a pre-scholar they just know me nekubereka bag/
I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist arikutsvaga bag….

There is a certain level of consistenc with his previous releases exhibited in this track.Like it’s predecessor Maswera Sei, Mail encompasses similar facets and approaches which we have come to love the rapper for: free associative lyrics, endless incessant flows, roaring unruly trap drums,chiming background ambience and burbling synth arpeggios.The subject matter ,hustle and money with TI Beats and GNiK’s incredibly dense production put Brythreesixty in good company with other trap rappers elsewhere in the world.The  car engine sounds,drink pours, whistle and Mike Tyson punch just makes the song very cinematic.

All things considered, this is a good record to start a year with and we can’t wait to hear his next .


Listen below