QUICK SONG REVIEW: Bryan K – Heavy Machine (Acoustic Version)

So you know when you have heard an awesome song and you think, it’s done, like it cannot be more awesome.


Well, we’re not sure why we thought it was done and stuff because the full-on properly curated afro-pop sound is what we have grown to love young Bryan K for.

Heavy MachineĀ is a certified hit; everyone and their uncle plus the pet monkey from next door know that. The acoustic version brings a soul out of the song that we didn’t know we had missed. The original dance version has it but the extraction in this new acoustic version makes you retain your belief in the talent coming out of Zimbabwe and the attention to detail in sexy sound from Ngoma Nehosho. Particularly impressive is his vocal clarity and dexterity in this version. It feels like art. It is art. And it is enjoyable on so many levels

The acoustic version was made available for download and live streaming on Monday. Check it out below: