QUICK SONG REVIEW: Bryan K ft Dobba Don – Ndopenga

We love Bryan K in these here parts,

And what we really like is his affinity for experimenting with his sound. After the unbelievable success of Heavy Machine he could have decided that that genre was his home.

Accosting Dobba Don who is every crossover’s favourite dancehall star was a good stroke and in this song he tries to tackle that delicate space where a local sound could get continental.¬†Ndopenga¬†can sit with the most pure of urban African sounds without sounding like the rest of them. The expansive vocal chords that are predicated on distinctively Zimbabwean rhythmic patters make for a song that is taken from Zimbabwe to the world.

It is a second collaboration between Bryan and Mr Kamera. It would appear they have an understanding of each other.

Listen to it below and tell us what you think of it: