QUICK SONG REVIEW: Blackaa & Kundy X – We Moving

This is a euphoric anthem that applauds how the duo triumphs over a mediocre music industry and anything else that comes in their way.

It begins with a tender hook sung by Kundy X who croons beautifully, leaving fans craving for more. Blackaa enters with his sprawling energetic flows, openly jabbing at some of the Zim hip-hop’s notable stars. Trapped out and boastfully, the young rapper called them gimmicks while showing his rapping ability in an in-to-your-face spitting and unbearable battle ryhmes.

Cases of juvenile up-and-coming artists taking shots on well accomplished rappers has always been a commonplace in hip hop. However, while it can work for some of them, the rest of them becomes miserable, unworthy of attention and labeled trolls. Let’s wait and see what will come out of this duo.

Listen to it below

The song hails from Blackaa’s mixtape titled Dennis Tha Mennis which also features K.Dizzy ,available hereĀ https://soundcloud.com/user-890954555/