QUICK SONG REVIEW: Aura The Poet ft Tehn Diamond – Travelling Soul

Anyone in the know of the circles will tell you that the coming of Aura The Poet is what a lot have been waiting for.


Life interrupted a solid progression seen by the likes of Kuda ‘Begotten Sun’ Musasiwa who produces this track as one of the clearest of a generation.

Travelling SoulĀ features super-rapper Tehn Diamond on with heavy neo soul with prominent percussions, the kind of thing you expect from Sunna.

Both artists have an intimate understanding of the both the genre and an umbilical relationship with the woman that is mother. It is encapsulated in this song. The touching call on Aura’s call with her mom on the latter’s birthday.

I don’t have much airtime. I just called to say hi and I miss you.

The travelled soul is nested in the tones of that voice.

Listen to the song below and tell us what you think

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