QUICK SONG REVIEW: Asaph feat Mimie – Power

Power affirms Asaph as one of the pertinent  wise word-smiths from the City of Kings who speaks the truth.

As a member of a community that’s usually patronised, he amassed all his hypnotic power and combined it with the beautiful vocals of Mimie and the expertise of Charlie Zimbo to address the prime issues predating the industry. He openly castigates rap feuds, selfish old school rappers, radio tendency of over-hyping mediocrity and challenges stern critics who happen to ridicule the Zimbabwean hip hop culture.

W’all running in a different race/Until w’all winning let’s give each other grace/Our rap legends I hope I speak for them /I resurrect them when I grab the pen, that’s power

He raps.

The whole song sounds like a well-polished political speech that seeks to empower the hip hop community and expose retrogression.Its a brilliant piece and that earned it a four star stride.

Listen to Power below: