QUICK SONG REVIEW: Ahsayn Beatmaker ft & Sharky – Mandipe

The song came out this week and has already attracted different reaction from various fans.


VIBE: African folk music fused with delicate traditional RnB and hip-hop elements. The freshness of sound, thick resonant chords and the rhythmic intensity does keep listeners captivated and craving for more as the rhythm transcend into ethereal.

THE HIGH: Ahsayn and Sharky have a lot of the same beliefs, spirituality and vibe-wise. It’s just a fantastic pairing. Ahsayn’s gentleness soothes with utmost charm and enamor. Sharky delivers a crescendo warm verse, stirring up our imaginations. The blissful and powerful vernacular diction employed in the song serves to stamp a sense of pride into our language.As of Ahsayn, he can have a major music career with that voice.

THE LOW:  Ahsayn ‘s vocal audibility is somehow faltering on the chorus. It is muffled thereby  bringing in a frustrating decrescendo -syncopated. Deciphering the meaning behind this song is undoubtedly enigmatic. Instead of the song being an epic eulogy  it turns out to be hypnotic. The song, nevertheless of it’s great composition, is prone to garner stern reactions from various people,  who would want to discredit it as a mere folk tale.

Listen below:

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  • gismo

    dope compositition