QUICK MUSIC REVIEW: SVSHV Kayz feat Michelle – Just A Friend

Hip hop artist SVSHA is joined by songbird Michelle in their newest release Just A Friend out a week ago.

Just A Friend uses the hook from Biz Markie’s smash hit by the same 1990 hit, itself an interpolation of Freddie Scott’s 1968 song (You) Got What I Need.

For that reason alone it retains a primarily sonically rich sound. The song focuses on two potential lovers who share  an undeniable connection from way back but keeps resisting it, resorting to friendship. The rap works.

Michelle lends a tuneful melody in her attractive vocal tone. SVSHA blended it with his sturdy flow, dishing out  punchy phrases in a vivid storyteller’s technique. If it was not so heavily Biz or Scott we’d call it close to a masterpiece.

Listen to it below

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