QUICK MUSIC REVIEW: Rootz ft Karizma – The Arc

Shades of Slum Village from the start when you listen to this new track from Rootz and Zimbabwean rapper Karizma.

The fresh new single kicks off with the hook:

Architects, raised dead carcasses

This song is not for your regular run of the mill bubble gum watered down white bread rappers. This is that introspective science.

Karizzy enters:

It’s bigger than crowns
It’s bigger than thrones
It’s bigger than kings their cities and citizens homes
It’s bigger than ┬áme.

It is that hip hop that Nas said was dead but you know if you look deep somewhere for it, it lives.

And then Rootz’s bars on the second verse.

The heads and love of that good music will get it. For the white bread lovers, it will fly over their heads.

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