QUICK MUSIC REVIEW: Gze ft Gold Finga- Baya Wabaya

Heavyweight spitter Gze  is back and he collaborates on this sick swinging verbal jousing jaunt called Baya Wabaya with Gold Finga.

When Gold Finga says turn up the mic one time. tovafinhura, tovapedzera we aren’t ready.

Hustlemania season yatanga/ Ndovapisa muchando/ Ndovatonhodza musummer

For two minutes, it is four minutes of punchline after punchline of hustle culminating in the classic warcry on what is a quintessential hip hop banger beat.

The headspace in us says, this is too sick, too nice, and gully.

And if you’re a head, you will feel the same.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to Baya Wabaya below and leave your thoughts in the comments: