QUICK MIXTAPE REVIEW: Myke Pimp – The Yuckmouth Tape

The realm of trap music -the bass and 808 drum-heavy wrapped around accounts of drug trafficking, braggadocio raps and criminality has taken over the hip-hop scene for the better part of the millennium.

Just like any other country Zimbabwean rappers do not seem to lag behind in keeping up with rap’s latest trend. In that regard, one of the truest embodiment of trap music Myke Pimp  debuted his first full project the YuckMouth Tape earlier last month and we had a pretty good time listening to it.

The mixtape carries thirteen tracks and it has a batch of dope street anthems. It opens up with the TRK produced song YuckMouth which moves with the ruthless efficiency of a slasher movie score, giving Pimp a perfect environment to take shots on Takura. Unabashedly, he called him out with contempt. But wait dear mobster, isn’t this too much for an opener? Apparently, nothing is impossible with rap. A rapper can say whatever they want, whenever they desire.

The follow up Anima finds Myke and J.Nova  trading fullisade of bars over gloomy scores and a steady slap of drums crafted by MacZee. On the traditional African fused trap  Dare ,he recruits Fun F and Savage to proclaim their greatness. At this point listeners undoubtedly have some conflicts in picking up the most stellar verse between Nova and Savage’s.

Pimp’s frontline street reportage has frequently carried a broader perspective than his competitors. Unfortunately, this hasn’t translated into mainstream success despite his irresistible trap backdrops. So in a bid to switch lanes, he called in TRK to lend his mellow vocals on Get Mine, which somehow lost the thrill with the sound transformation.

Ngwerewere and Matsaga with K.I finds the rapper on his highest spirit.The two tracks detail Pimp’s rags-to-richies rhymes with  street-savvy-lyrics calling out haters and celebrating his lavish lifestyle. Harare Hairarwe, with the help of Mariachi  saw the two sharing street tales about their city on a jaunt by McLyne Beats. Gems like Hundare,Freeman and Run It displays his impressive husky flow that harkens on Jeezy nd Freddie Gibs in their primes.The later gives the listeners the feeling that Pimp’s position has and will never belong to anyone.At least for now.

Saviour, soundwise, is the most hip-hop song on the mixtape in it’s initial self. Over a rugged Fun F-made beat Pimp kicked some mind-bending rhymes claiming he’s the saviour of hip-hop. The final cut Ndozviona present him as an observer of a wretched society at the same time praying for God’s solace.

However, it’s not a flawless mixtape. There are some notable low moments that dismally disappoints.The sonic  soundscapes transition  on Get Mine are so confusing as it duly gets the listener off an soothing mood into a rowdy ending. Moreover, Baller’s vocals on Hundare are terribly beneath the beat and the overall verse is somewhat mediocre. The project also have some tossed-off lyrics on many occasions, but luckily Pimp’s aggressive voice and street knowledge most of the times compensate for his shortcomings as a lyricist.

Despite a few missteps, YuckMouth is a good debut. On all grounds, it gives Pimp a firm foothold in the hip-hop industry.

We recommend it.

Download the tape here -> https://www.datafilehost.com/d/ecbba314