No Prizes For Miss Zimbabwe. Let’s All Act Surprised!

So Miss Zimbabwe 2012 came and went. Zimbabwe crowned its queen, Bongani Dhlakama from Bulawayo.

The good news. We have a queen. The bad news. Unlike other years she has nothing to show for it. Well, at least for now.

Whereas in years before she would be showered with gifts for her efforts, it seems all she may get is a pat on the back. Well, her employers, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority have said that they will pitch in to assist with her projects before she buggers off to the finals. How she will get there is another issue. We hope someone comes in.

We aren’t really surprised that nothing has been organised as yet given the circus that was the run-up to the finals. The finals were held more out of pride more than anything else but by most accounts it was not memorable.

We wish Bongani good luck though. She is not bad to look at.

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